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My journey began on December 18, 1887 when my great grandmother Eunice Grant was born.  Though I never met her, the stories of her heroinism were legendary and inspired me in establishing THE BRAMMER FIRM.  Of course, these were oral memories passed on to us, so it’s hard to determine what was true, legend or just faded memories.  However, this much is verifiable truth, she was the daughter of a slave-owner and a slave (affectionately known as Maama) who the slave-owner fell in love with and married.  They moved to a rural parish in Jamaica and bought a tremendous amount of land.  Eunice inherited this land along with her siblings. 

As amazing as that family legend may be, I would later realize how much this one small fact would redefine my work as an attorney.  You see, most if not all that land has been lost, because much like the legendary stories, the land was passed on by oral agreements, informal discussions and handshakes.  I am referring to a different time and place separated by at least three generations.  Over time, it became more clear to me how important it is to protect others through my work as an Estate Planning and Business Lawyer.  Just imagine how much stronger my family could have been today if proper estate and business planning were in place from the inception, protecting all that land and its highest and best use for three or four generations! 

My journey continued when in the ninth-grade I decided to become an attorney who somehow would be involved in commerce.  After graduating high-school at age sixteen, I moved to South Florida and founded my first start-up at age eighteen.  This was a marketing firm which immediately began seeing revenues, but with poor planning and a lack of mentoring and proper counsel, I had to abruptly close that company.  I would later develop a passion for finance and investment and became a Financial Services Registered Representative for one of the largest Broker Dealers.  While there, I was reminded about my dream to become an attorney and as a result entered St. Thomas University School of Law in Miami with the intent of representing the investing public and their interests as a Securities Attorney.  During Law School, I clerked for the now retired Chief Justice for the Third District Court of Appeal in Miami Judge Frank A. Shepherd, The Florida Department of Financial Services and various securities and real estate law firms. 

Upon graduating law school, I immediately began working for the Internal Revenue Services in Atlanta.  I would later work for various law firms supporting fortune 500 clients in Technology, Construction and Pharmaceuticals industries, but never found fulfillment in either of those firms as my purpose in assisting the investing public was not being realized.  However, I remained engaged as a serial entrepreneur owning several businesses including an online marketing platform, a local restaurant, a field services company managing hundreds of properties in Metro-Atlanta, and becoming a licensed realtor for one of the largest real estate companies.  

The turning point for me began during my tenure with a well-respected Asbestos Litigation defense firm.  Having successfully completed work for them in the past, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from them expressing a desire to bring me on as a part of their team.  After three years with the firm they lost their largest client and began the process of downsizing.  During this transition, I made a commitment to myself, my family and all families who would listen, “I must help my family, other families and by extension my community to become stronger by protecting their legacy and their life-works”.  The unfortunate yet true story of Eunice Grant came back to haunt and remind me that I needed to fulfill my purpose and complete my journey. 

THE BRAMMER FIRM was established with the expressed purpose of building stronger Families and Communities by protecting and preserving their legacy and their life-works.  Your legacy is more than just dollars and cents, it includes the values that you would like to continue for generations to come.  Eunice Grant passed on many lessons through her oral legacy, but again I am unsure of how much was legend or fact.  Your life-works should also be preserved as a part of your value-heritage.  While you will undoubtedly work hard on your business or otherwise, I am sure you desire your life-work to endure for generations to come.  

It would be my greatest honor to help you protect your legacy and your life-works as I have made that my legacy and life-work.  I have had the privilege of seeing various law firm models which all fell short of truly serving the consuming public, so I have set out to design a law firm centered on you.  While we provide traditional legal services such as Estate Planning and Business counseling, our method of delivery is designed to meet you where you are.  We are in many ways a Virtual Law Practice, which simply means, you will always have secure access to us and your life-works on your time and on your own terms.  I encourage you to get to know us.  Spend some time on this site, or schedule an initial meeting with me at your convenience.  Whatever you do, join me in completing my journey as well as yours.

Author: Marlon O. Brammer

Marlon is the Founder and Managing Partner of Brammer, PLLC, where he helps small business owners, real estate investors, and families in Florida, protect their assets and grow generational wealth.

Marlon O. Brammer

Author Marlon O. Brammer

Marlon is the Founder and Managing Partner of Brammer, PLLC, where he helps small business owners, real estate investors, and families in Florida, protect their assets and grow generational wealth.

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