It always seem impossible until it’s done. – Nelson Mandela

We are happy to announce that BRAMMER, PLLC is now serving families and businesses all across Florida.  While our offices are located in West Palm Beach Florida, through our Virtual Law Practice (VLP), we can successfully service all clients’ needs wherever they may be in Florida.  Though we have been established for quite some time, we have now completed the preliminary phases of becoming a Virtual Law Practice.


Our practice has been designed from the ground up to be responsive to our clients’ needs and can meet you where you are across all mediums.  Whether you prefer to meet with us physically or virtually, we now can handle all client engagements and fulfillment with specificity, security and sophistication.  Through our network of remote/satellite office accessibility, we can meet clients in virtually any Florida market.  With some scheduling, we can meet you in office, at your home, your business or online.  This means accessibility for you and smoother fulfillment for your matters.

BRAMMER, PLLC is a modern legal practice with a conscience. Our central premise is simple, we are building stronger communities and businesses through our areas of focus, Estate Planning, Business Planning with Asset Protection, and Real Estate. In short, our life’s-work is centered on you.  We have tailored our services and delivery based on your needs and unique circumstances.  We firmly believe that if we help you build and protect your family’s life-work and legacy, then we would have in some way ensured that the nucleus of every community becomes stronger.


Author: Marlon O. Brammer

Marlon is the Founder and Managing Partner of Brammer, PLLC, a law firm committed to building stronger families, businesses and communities through Estate Planning, Business Planning with Asset Protection, and Real Estate.