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It’s simple . . . We focus on your needs and make our services accessible through . .


We are constantly educating Florida communities about the creative ways in which they can protect their assets.  Whether, you are a business owner, teacher or student, there are steps which you need to be taking now to secure and protect your life’s work.

Meeting You
Where You Are

We are considered in many ways to be a Virtual Law Practice (VLP).  Whether you are comfortable meeting us in office, at home, your business, or online we make it happen.  We realize that not everyone is comfortable on all modern or not so modern platforms.  Therefore we’re accessible on multiple formats.

Fixed Pricing
For Everything

All of our major service offerings have fixed pricing.  This leaves out the guess work for you.  No trying to figure out how much anything will cost, it’s all upfront and clear.  All of our business clients are billed on a monthly subscription fee which you pick based on your unique budget.


Sign up for one of our many webinars and begin the process of educating yourself.

A Meeting

Schedule an in-person or virtual meeting so that you can conveniently get all your questions answered.

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